Guys! A huge announcement was made at E3 today. It was the biggest thing I've heard for many, many years. While looking through videos and trying to catch up on all the news that I've missed from E3 so far, I got a fair share of exciting visuals and some interesting follow-ups on games like Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider, and Fallout. You know...things like that. And then I stumbled upon a video on Facebook that revealed probably some of the biggest news, at least for me and a few...thousand others, I've heard since I was a teen!

That's right, Final Fantasy VII is officially being remade for the PS4! The narrative teases it's fans. The visuals are stunning and exciting, and the video contains lots of great images recognizable to fans. And it ends on a note that left many squealing with joy. Honestly, I stared in awe with my body covered in goosebumps while tears threatened to fall from my eyes. Yes...I'm THAT much of a fan over Final Fantasy VII. Honestly, the game changed my life. If it weren't for that franchise, I most likely never would've been inspired to write my own novels and bring my characters to life. So, it's a big deal to me.
While no release date was given at the end of the trailer, I do have my own speculation. I'm going to say it's safe to predict a 2017 release, just in time for the 20th anniversary. As soon as the tech demo released for the PS3 all those years ago, people have been demanding a remake. I had my own hopes that they were already at work on one and would be releasing it on the next gen PS4. Looks like my gaming dreams have come true, and I'm in 7th Heaven right now! I can't wait to hear more news, and you can bet your Gil that I'm going to get the biggest and fanciest collector's edition I can find! Let's just hope that with the timeline ahead, Square can make things right with this remake and bring back old fans along with the new. For now, I'm excited with this teaser. I'll be keeping tabs on this!
Image courtesy of Google Images. No clue who made it, but I'm borrowing it.

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