This post was originally written February 15, 2015 right before the release of Disbanding Hope. I've been meaning to start up a blog, but I keep sitting on the fence. I decided that this is as good a time to start. May as well jump in! For future blogs, I plan on writing about things that interest me: videogames, movies, books, nerdy things, motivation, anything I find relevant to my life journey that may entertain you. This first entry is more of a motivational piece. I wrote it on a night where I was feeling particularly discouraged. Sometimes, we all encounter self-doubt. Other times, we just feel bummed. My goals in life are not just to entertain but to motivate and inspire. Since this entry has already inspired others when posted on my other sites, I decided this would be a good one to start with. Thanks for stopping by! 

You know what? I had to take a break today. Lately, as very few of you know, life has suddenly thrown some bricks at my face. And yes, I've been thoroughly stressed. I've been stressed about the release of my book. I'm just as anxious as many of you are for me to get it finished and published. But also, life has made some unexpected turns. And though right now some of these bricks seem to be large problems, I know that they are being flung at me for a purpose. 

It is February. It has been a year since I quit a job that made me miserable and physically sick. I say that I am stressed, but I am not stressed like I was before I quit my job. The past year has certainly been a life-changing year. I've made friends, lots of them. We all have similar interests...and this is relatively new to me. I have made unbelievable connections, and I am doing what I've always wanted to do. So, even though life has suddenly thrown in some wild turns to my roller-coaster, I find I have to keep reminding myself that a year ago, my perception was entirely different. And while I'm frustrated with myself for not finishing my personal work sooner, and feeling irritated with typical life events, I know that it is all for the better. I know that I will keep climbing that ladder. There are so many rungs before I'm at the top. And for now, I'm taking each one step-by-step. I'm living my dreams. Life may be difficult now, but I can only see that it has the potential to be better. And though this may sound like I'm only talking about myself, I'm talking about many others. 

We cannot give up on what we want in our lives. We have to keep pushing forward, driving, digging, pushing, pulling, climbing. Whatever it may be, however we are traveling through life, if you set your goals and remember to do what it is you feel is right, you will see that it is possible. Seriously, a year ago I was afraid not one person would read my book. I was afraid people would hate my characters. Now, as I see the response, receive my messages, and see how excited people are for the sequel, I know that I made the right choice to continue following my dreams. Everyone has the potential. I want them to realize that. I want people to understand that you can do what you want. It requires lots of time and patience. Yes, you'll be frustrated. Yes, you'll have your doubts. And yes, you will sometimes hate yourself and feel like a failure. Just...keep...going. 

I'm not far in life, and I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but I'm so damn glad I took that scary step and decided to live for myself for a change. Life has hit me with worse. I have always managed to climb out on top. It's been gritty, it's been ugly, but I'm here. It's easy to say I have regrets, but I also remember that each step brought me here. So, even though times may seem rough, and life may seem to be swallowing you whole, remember that there is always a way. Sometimes it requires tough decisions. Many times it requires sacrifice. And requires hard work. I want to not just entertain, but I want to inspire. I want everyone to strive for their goals and dreams. Why? Because we have so much fun doing it. And there simply isn't enough fun in this world when everyone is too afraid to try. So...let's kick some ass!

A. R. Crebs is the writer and illustrator of "The Esoteric Design" series. Lover of sci-fi and fantasy. Videogame enthusiast. Badass cookie baker. Crazy good at cricket sound effects.